CHAKO Zanzibar


Malawi Road P.O.Box 661
Stone Town
Zanzibar Urban/West

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Exhibitor profile


Chako is a social and environmental enterprise operating based in Zanzibar, Tanzania. As the first guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization on Zanzibar, Chako is a leader in promoting environmental awareness through upcycling on the island.

Chako hires uneducated, unskilled youth and women to create upcycled items from glass bottles, paper beads and dhow sails. Chako provides equal opportunity, fair wages and good working conditions. We foster social and economic opportunities on the island by enabling local artisans to preserve their craft, explore their creativity, establish professional networks and live a more sustainable life.

Chako empowers women in Zanzibar to be creative, build skills and learn to work in a professional environment. By employing women, they receive a reliable monthly income creating a more stable situation for their families and themselves. Young men who are uneducated are also typically overlooked for employment or trade opportunities. Chako gives everyone opportunity to gain new skills and develop themselves within the organization with direct positive impact on their environment.

Rubbish is a major problem for Zanzibar. As in recent years daily solid waste is only growing and is now about 300 tonnes a day, the problem is only getting worse. There is no other solution than to just dump the waste into the ground, or just litter it somewhere on the island. This has big environmental impact and human health risks.

Turning waste that the tourism sector creates, into unique upcycled products, Chako offers the hospitality industry of Zanzibar a powerful and innovative way to reduce its footprint on the island's environment, while supporting and celebrating local design. In 2017 Chako saved 8,536 bottles from going into landfills and this year we already saved 15,000 bottles. Chako focuses on creating programs about waste, sustainability and fair trade practices among local Zanzibaris, local tourism establishments and tourists.